288CTH : Digital Thermo-Humidity Meter

Model :288CTH
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Indoor & Outdoor Temperature Display, Indoor Humidity Display
Temperature Unit °C/ °F Changeable
Memory Of Max/Min Value Of Temperature & Humidity
2 Modes Of Time Display: 12h / 24h.
Clock & Date Display Function, Automatic Exchanging In 5 Seconds Between Clcock & Date
Pointing Function On Each Hour
Everyday Alarm Function
Calendar Display Function
Week Display Function (Only For Typical Models)
Clock, Date, Lunar Calendar, Gregorian Calendar Automatic Exchanging Function
(Only For Typical Models)
Install A Outdoor Temperature Sensor, Automatically Displays Indoor & Outdoor Temperature Alternately In 5
Seconds (Only For Typical Models)


Additional information


: -10°C ~ +50°C (+14°F ~ +122°F)


: -50°C ~ +70°C (-58°F ~ +158°F)

Humidity Range

: Indoor 20% ~ 99% RH
(When the humidity < 20%RH, display 10%RH directly.)


: 1.5V (AAA size) x1