P1020 : Bolt Type Threaded Rupture Disc

Model : P1020
Type : Direct Coupled
Accuracy : ±5.0%
Range : 10 Bar ~ 1000 Bar
Wetted Parts : AISI 316 SS
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Special Features :
Low Cost OEM
Wide Temperature Range
Crevice Free Stainless Steel Construction
Arch Burst Design
Compact Version
Leak Proof Seal
Instant Response in milliseconds
Applications :

P1020 Rupture Discs with Compact Design are used as a pressure relief device for safety applications and excess pressure relief in Petrochemical, Aerospace, Aviation, Defense, Medical, Railroad, Nuclear, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Food processing and oil field applications. They can be used as single protection devices or as a backup device for a conventional safety valve; Rupture discs are very often used in combination with safety relief valves, isolating the valves from the process, thereby saving on valve maintenance and creating a leak-tight pressure relief solution.

Additional information

Pressure Range

: 10 Bar ~ 1000 Bar



Operating Temp.

: – 40 °C to 650 °C

Process Connections

: 1/4” BSP; 1/4” NPT; 1/2” BSP; 1/2” NPT

Disc Diameter

: 5mm ~ 50mm

Wetted Parts

: AISI 316 SS


: AISI 316 SS


: AISI 316 SS


: Laser Welding

Media Compatibility

: All Materials compatible with AISI 316 SS