SIF : I Flange Diaphragm Seal

Model : SIF
Type : I Flange
Range : -1 to 400 bar
Connection : Flanged
Fill Fluid : Silicon / Fluorolube
Wetted Parts : SS316L / Exotic
Non Wetted Parts : SS316 / SS304
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Special Features :
Continuous Duty
I Section Extension To Facilitate Smaller Flanged Connection
Ideal For General Purpose Application
Suitable For Anti Corrosive Protection
Applications :

Diaphragm seals are provided in the instruments like pressure gauges, switches, transmitters in order to isolate the sensing element from the main service due to its corrosive, viscous and sedimented nature and to avoid clogging and solidification. This can be widely used with anti corrosive treatment/protection & various flanged sizes.

Additional information

Standard Version

: Suitable for upto 63mm Nominal Size

Pressure Range

: -1 kg/cm2 to 400 kg/cm2

Process Temperature

: -20°C to 200°C for PTFE lined
: -40°C to 345°C for without PTFE lined

Instrument Connection

: 3/8" BSP (F)

Process Connection

: Flange (as per DIN/BS/ANSI/JIS) Finish 125 – 250 AARH

Fill Fluid

: Silicon Oil – DC 200 upto -40 to 200°C



Top Chamber

: AISI 304 SS

"I" Section

: AISI 316 SS Flange (as per DIN/BS/ANSI/JIS)

(Bottom Chamber)


: Carbon Steel Nickel Plated


: PTFE (upto 200° C)/Metal Seal (upto 350°C)

Slip Ring (Tension Flange)

: Steel chrome plated / black powder coated