TBD99 : Online Turbidity Meter

Model : TBD-99


Special Features :
Standard 90° scattering light measurement technique which provides
reliable measurement results
Immersion type probe with self-clean wiper, maintenance-free
Simple key operation
Digital sensor, two-channel input, plug and play
Self-diagnostic function
Low-scale circulating built-in bubble eliminating system
The measurement result is not affected by the bubbles.
Scattering composite light; Low turbidity data is not affected by Brownian
diffusion impact
Automatically compensation for voltage fluctuations, device aging, temperature
change and sludge color
Applications :

This product is applied to measure the light scattering degree produced by the not-dissolved particles in the suspended transparent or opaque liquid and measure the content of these suspended particles.

Waterworks: turbidity monitoring of reservoir, well,clean water pool, filter, filtered, precipitation and water treatment plant

Industrial process: water quality monitoring of production recycled water, recycled water, etc.

Sewage treatment: water quality of inlet and outlet

Online turbidity measurement of electric, pure water, beverage, wine and pharmaceutical industries


Additional information


Measurement Range

: 0 ~ 20NTU, 0 ~ 200NTU, 0 ~2000NTU,
0 ~ 100mg/l, 0~1000mg/l


: ±2%FS


: better than reading ±1.0%

Response time

: 1S (can be adjusted)

Velocity of flow

: 100-700ml/min


: 0°C to 40°C

Cable Length

: Standard 10m, The maximum length 100m

Water pipe

: 1/4”NPT Internal thread, 1/4” Compression fittings (provided)

Drainage pipe

: 1/2”NPT Internal thread, 1/2” Hose(provided)


Analog output

: 4~20mA

Digital output


Output relay

: Four alarm system , 250VDC, 3A, all the way to the cleaning system 250VDC, 3A

Frequency of reading

: 0.5S one time

Power supply

: 90-265VAC, 50/60HZ


: IP65


: Wall-mounted


: 210/105/185mm, L/W/H