H1N : Space Mount Humidity Temperature Transmitter

Model : H1N
Range : 0 to 100%RH / -40 to 100ºC
Output : 4 – 20mA, 0 – 10V, RS485 Modbus
Display : Optional
Accuracy : ± 2%RH / ±0.3 K
Versions : Space Mount


Special Features :
High performance digital sensors and circuits, ensure accurate measurement
temperature compensation
Good long term stability and reliability
100% interchangeable sensors, no re-calibration needed
Fast response
Light and state of art house, easy installation and wiring
Digital technology applied, multiple output optional, over voltage and reverse polarity
protection, high reliability and interference capabil
Applications :

H1 wall mount temperature and humidity transmitters are designed for environment monitoring and controlling in industrial, commercial and other buildings. These transmitters can be used for indoor air temperature and humidity monitoring in various industrial plant, clean room, lab, machine room, office and commercial building, airport, station, library and stadium, etc.

Additional information

Relative Humidity

RH- Sensor -

: Digital polymer

RH - Range

: 0~100° RH

RH - Output

: 4~20mA(2 wires), 0~10VDC(3 wires), RS485

RH - Accuracy

: 2,3,4.5%RH(25°C,20~80%RH)

RH - Hysteresis

: <±1%RH

Response time

: <10s(25°C,in slow air)


: <±0.5%RH/year


T - Sensor

: Solid state band gap, RTD or thermistor

T - Range

: 0~50°C

T - Output

: 4~20mA(2 wires), 0~10VDC(3 wires), RS485, or
RTD, thermistor

T - Accuracy

: See model table

T - Power

: Current 7.5~36VDC Voltage & Other 15~35VAC/DC

T -Output Load

: <600 ohm (current), >2Kohm (voltage)

T - Display

: Large LCD display

T - Display Resolution

: 0.1°C, 0.1%RH

T - Temperature Limit

: 0~70°C, 0~95%RH (Non condensing)

T - Storage Temperature

: -20~80°C

T - Housing

: Fireproof ABS

Protection - T

: IP30