OATP : Outdoor Air Temperature Sensor

Model DTS-FL
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Special Features :
General purpose outdoor air temperature sensor
Cost efficient design
Available in threaded PVC version with rugged weatherproof electrical box
Sturdy construction – all plastic housing with PVC solar shield with optional weatherproof electrical box
Easy installation – just threads into mounting hole or standard handy box installation
Fully potted metal housing protects sensing element and provides fast, accurate temperature sensing
Applications :

The temperature sensor is designed to measure outdoor air temperature. The sensor isdesigned for mounting in a standard ½” knock out.The temperature sensor uses a PT1000 RTD. The thermistor is enclosed in a plastic housing.The sensor has a short 20AWG black leads. It is designed for use in residential and commercial building automation controls. It features a fast response, precision thermistor sensing element that is totally sealed against the outdoor elements.The PVC sun-shield prevents false readings from direct sunlight. An optional weatherproof electrical box allows for simple installation and provides an extra rugged and reliable sensor for energy management and HVAC applications.


Additional information

Thermistor Accuracy

: +/- 0.2°C

Platinum RTD Accuracy

: +/- 0.4°C

Thermistor Range

: 40 ~ 120°C

Probe Material

: Stainless Steel

Cable Properties

: FT4, 80°C, 600V