OATM : Outdoor Air Temperature Sensor

Model OAT-M
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Special Features :
General purpose outdoor air temperature sensor
Cost efficient design
Available in threaded PVC version with rugged weatherproof electrical box
Sturdy construction – all plastic housing with PVC solar shield with optional weatherproof electrical box
Easy installation – just threads into mounting hole or standard handy box installation
Fully potted metal housing protects sensing element and provides fast, accurate temperature sensing
Applications :

This sensor is used to measure the outside air temperature to allow the DDC system to coordinate the mechanical systems with actual building load conditions, enabling such strategies as free cooling, optimum start / stop, and supply temperature reset.The housing is made from PVC electrical fittings which shield the probe from direct sunlight. The probe is manufactured to industrial standards. There are three
thermistor based models,and one RTD version to provide compatibility with the majority of DDC systems. The sensors are accurate enough that calibration is not usually required.

Additional information

Thermistor Accuracy

: +/- 0.2°C

Platinum RTD Accuracy

: +/- 0.4°C

Thermistor Range

: 40 ~ 120°C

Probe Material

: Stainless Steel

Cable Properties

: FT4, 80°C, 600V