DTSFL : Flange Mount Duct Temperature Sensor

Model DTS-FL
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Special Features :

The sensors employ precision interchangeable thermistors and RTD which are compatible with all the major building automation systems.

Designed for temperature sensing in an HVAC and light industrial control applications
Precision interchangeability eliminates the necessity for individual circuit calibration.
Data sheets for the standard items appear on the web at www.omicron-sensing.com.
Omicron is able to produce custom sensors in small volumeat standard sensor pricing

There are several sensor element ranges to choose from, which guarantee compatibility with all popular DDC systems.The sensor elements are precision thermistors or platinum RTDs. Field calibration is not generally required. The probe is epoxy sealed to prevent moisture from migrating into the probe.
Custom probe lengths, wire types and sensor elements are available for large OEM projects. Ask about our plastics & metal manufacturing capabilities for custom housings as well.

Applications :

Omicron Sensing Inc manufactures temperature sensors for the air conditioning industry.
This document shows the enclosures and temperature vs resistance curves for the standard sensors.

Additional information

Thermistor Accuracy

: +/- 0.2°C

Platinum RTD Accuracy

: +/- 0.4°C

Thermistor Range

: -70°C to 150°C

Platinum RTD Range

: -200°C to 300°C

Probe Material

: Stainless Steel

Cable Properties

: FT4, 80°C, 600V