TGD : Digital Temperature Gauge

Special Features
Light Weight Construction
Battery Operated
Autoswitch Off Function



The Omicron TGD Digital Temperature Gauge carries on the tradition of accurate and reliable electronic temperature indication, while incorporating many new features tailored to a growing industry.

All models feature simple field calibration for fine tuning to the plant reference standard. As such, the TGD makes a perfect and cost-effective replacement for any mechanical thermometer, from bi-metals to mercury-in-glass. With resolution to a tenth of a degree, the TGD takes the guesswork out of reading dials and mercury columns. And, because it’s an Omicron TG Series, you get the added value of all 316 “L” electropolished wetted parts, customer specified permanent tagging, and a certificate of calibration with every unit at no additional cost.

Additional information


: ±0.5% of Full Scale Value

Ambient temperature

: – 25 °C to + 65 °C

Maximum Pressure

: 150 psi

Wetted Parts

: SS316L


: RTD-PT100 / K Type Thermocouple

Auto Switch Off

: On Power Release


: LCD Display


: 190 Grams

Power Supply

: Lithium Battery Operated

Standard Units

: °C / °F