SLT1 : Sound Level Transmitter

Model : SLT1
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Digital Sound Level Transmitter

This SLT1 is an instrument to measure Sound Pressure levels in decibels (dB). This transmitter is featured with a wide measuring range of 0 ~ 130 dB with an Analog 4 – 20mA Output, A/C frequency weighting, working of 230VAC Supply The meter also provides a windscreen to filter-out unwanted signals. This is an accurate, easy to use and plug and play instrument for sound quality control in the office, home, educational and industrial applications. The meter has a wide range of applications such as noise pollution studies, research, and other industrial use.

Features :
  • Wide measuring range 0~130dB (decibels)
  • Two equivalent weighted sound pressure levels, A and C.
  • Fast and Slow dynamic characteristics modes.
  • External Sound Measurement Probe.
  • DIN Rail and Wall Mounted Version

Additional information

Measuring Range

0~130dB A
0~130dB C



Linearity Range


Analog Output

4 – 20mA

Power Supply

230V AC

External Adjustment

94dB Cal VR

Operating Temperature

0 – 50 deg C

Operating Humidity

10 – 85% RH

Sensor Probe

Fireproof ABS


DIN Rail / Wall Mounting