S301 : Economical Ultrasonic Flowmeter

Model : S301


Special Features :
b Compact and robust design
b High accuracy, better than ±1%
b No moving parts, maintenance-free
b No pressure drop
b Bi-directional
b Wide measurement range, ±16m/s
b Built-in flow totalizers
b Large turn-down ratio
b Suitable for most pure liquids and liquids with minor particles
b Compatible with clamp-on, insertion and flow-cell transducers
b Pipe size selectable from DN10 to DN5000mm
b Automatically match transducer to liquid property with proprietary signal quality tracking
and self-adaptation technology
b Local LCD display and 4 keys
b Optional PC Software for real-time data acquisition
b Isolated RS-485 interface with power surge protection. Supports MODBUS. Well suited
for reliable flowmeter networking
b Optional input/output, such as isolated 4-20mA output, OCT output
b IP65 weather-proof enclosure
b Power supply 9~24VDC, less than 1.2Watt

The S301 ultrasonic flowmeter is an economical but robust flowmeter. It utilizes cutting-edge technologies, such as balanced ultrasound transmission, digital signal processing, self adaptation, etc., to achieve high performance.

The S301 can be equipped with a pair of clamp-on transducers to measure liquid flow rate from outside of a pipe non-intrusively. It can also be equipped with a pair of insertion transducers or a flow-cell transducer to measure liquid flow with excellent long-term stability and high accuracy.

• S301B clamp-on flowmeter
• S301C insertion flowmeter
• S301G flow-cell flowmeter

Due to the proprietary signal quality tracking and self-adaptation algorithm, S301 is able to tune itself to the optimal condition when the liquid property changes or different transducer is connected.

Additional information


: Better than 0.2%


: ±1% of reading, plus ±0.006m/s in velocity when working with Omicron’s transducers.Could be better for flow-cell transducer

Response Time

: 0.5s. Programmable up to 99s


: -16 ~ +16m/s (-52 ~ +52 ft/s), bi-directional


LCD with backlight. 2 x 20 letters. 4 tactile-feedback membrane keypad.,displaying flow rate, totalizer values, velocity, time, analog inputs, temperature, thermal energy, etc.


English (U.S.) or metric

Signal Outputs

Current output (optional): 4-20mA for flowrate, velocity or sound speed. Impedance 0-1k. Accuracy 0.1% OCT output (optional): one channel, 0.1A/24VDC.
Relay (optional): 1A/125VAC or 2A/30VDC.
Can be programmed as pulse signal for flow totalization (positive, negative and
net rates), ON/OFF signal for relay drive or alarm drive, batch control, etc.