RTD008 : Push-In RTD Temperature Probes With Bayonet Lock

Special Features :
For Temperatures From -50 To +350°C
With Sheaths In Different Materials
As Single Or Twin RTD Temperature Probe
Good Heat Transfer Through Adjustable Spring Pressure
Insertion And Removal Without Tools


Special Features :

Push-in RTD temperature probes with bayonet lock are preferred for measuring
temperatures in solids on bearings and molding tools, for example in the plastics industry. Thanks to the special shape of the measuring tip, these temperature probes are suitable for use in flat-bottom and cone-shaped bores.

The rugged pressure spring is made from rust and acid resistant stainless steel, Mat. Ref. 1.4310, which also acts as a cable protector and ensures a uniform pressure between the measuring tip and the bottom of the hole. The fitting length can be altered by rotating the bayonet lock. Bayonet locks are available in the diameters 12, 15 and 16mm.

The sensor is normally a Pt100 temperature sensor to EN 60 751, Class B in 2-wire circuit, but versions with Pt500 or Pt1000 are also available. 3-wire and 4-wire connections can be provided.

Specifications :
Connection : cable ends available as: bare wires, with ferrules,
  receptacle or multipole connector
Connecting cable : silicone, ambient temperature -50 to +180°C
  PTFE, ambient temperature -190 to +260°C
  metal braiding, ambient temperature -50 to +350°C
  connecting cable available with shielding (optional)
Sensor Temperature : bayonet lock, nickel-plated brass, 12mm, 15mm or
16mm dia
Sheath : stainless steel 1.4571, 6mm and 8mm dia
Measuring insert : Pt100 temperature sensor, EN 60 751, Cl. B, 2-wire circuit
Accessories : bayonet sockets, Data Sheet 90.9725