RTD005 : RTD with Protection Tube

Model : RTD005
Type : Protection Tube
Wetted Parts : Ceramic
Minimum OD : 3mm
Maximum OD : 10mm
Connection : 1/2″ – 1″
Wire / Connector : Teflon


Special Features :
Mineral insulation.
Available in all sheath diameters
Mineral insulation enables flexibility and durability.
Enclosures in all material – Die cast Aluminium / Cast Iron / SS 304 /SS316
Enclosures in all categories (Weatherproof, IP-65 to IP-68, Flameproof Gr. HA IIB and Explosionproof, Gr. HA, IIB, HC for Hservice application.)
Reference standard :- IEC – 751.
Applications :

Air & flue gas service in power plant application, General industry application, Furnace temp, measurement etc.