RHTW : Temp And Humidity Monitoring

Model : RHTW
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Features :
Swiss make Temperature and Humidity Sensor. This module can
measure temperature from -20 Deg.C to +100 Deg.C and Humidity range is
from 0.0 to +100.0%R.H.
Human Interface with Graphical Display and Keypad for configuration settings
HGSM Modem which is used to transmit the messages to the registered phonenumbers.
Note: Only GSM SIM should be used.CDMA SIMS should not be used
Provision for registering upto four phone numbers
Optional Data-logging upto 1,00,000
Receive SMS on Limits crossing Low Set Point & High Set Point for each parameter
Get SMS of Temperature & Humidity values from the device on request from your Mobile to the Device
Set Time Interval for Regular SMS Receipt at set intervals of both temperature & humidity
Sensor Cable Length upto 5mts
Parameter transmission in regular intervals or whenever it crosses set-points
Optional Software for Data downloading and monitoring
Applications :
Refrigerator Temperature Monitoring
Food Storage facilities
Pharma and Food processing Industries
Computer Server rooms
Hospitals ICU rooms