PTT : Aluminium Pitot Tubes

Model : PTT
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Special Features :
Air Flow Measurement
Low Installation Costs
Long Term Accuracy
Minimal Unrecovered Pressure Loss
Mass Flow Measurement
Applications :

The Pitot Tube is a differential pressure producer suitable for airflow measurement. It includes multiple sensing points to measure total and static pressures. It is easy to install and cost-effective. It offers simple, low-cost installation into pipes and ducts, and high energy savings due to its low unrecovered pressure loss. There are no
moving parts or sharp edges to wear, so long-term accuracy can be maintained. It contains a rubber cap, Plastic base, and two 1 meters length air tubes.

Additional information


Tubing inner diameter

: 3.8mm

Rubber cap


: To suit 4mm (0.16”) i/d PVC air tubing

Duct flange


: 30 x 75mm (1.2”X 3”)

Air tube


: PU


: inside and out side diameter 4 x 6mm


: 1m