PM2.5/10 : Particle Counter

Model :PM2.5/10
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The PM2.5/10 Particle Counter is designed for environmental monitoring in industrial, commercial and institutional buildings. The unit provides accurate readings of particle counts in two important sizes, 2.5µm and 10µm. The sensor uses the laser light scattering method which is not subject to drift or sensor contamination. A fixed volume of air is pumped through the sensor and suspended particulate matter in a given unit volume of air is totalized into two bins, one for particles of 2.5µm and another for larger 10-micron sizes. The results are reported in µg/m³ of air with all data available over the RS485 port for integration into large systems. It Supports multiple protocols over both RS485 and Ethernet: Modbus over Ethernet,BACnet over Ethernet,BACnet MSTP over RS485 and Modbus RTU over RS485.

Additional information

Measurement parameters



0.0-999.9 µg / m³

Power supply voltage

12-24V +/- 10%, AC or DC,
2 watt typical

Output Signal Type

Jumper select:
4-20mA, 10V, 5V

Output Signal Drive

> 500Ω for ma mode, 75ma

Operating Temp

-20~+50°C, 0-95% non condensing


Modbus protocol over Ethernet
Bacnet protocol over Ethernet
Bacnet MSTP protocol over RS485
Modbus RTU protocol over RS485

Plastic Housing

Flammability rating UL 94V0 file,E194560,halogen free, IP65

Air pressure


Response time


Minimum resolution of particle

< 2.5 µm

Counting yield

70%@0.3µm ;98%@0.5µm

Relative error

Maximum of ±15% and ± 10µg/m3


130×80 dot matrix, backlit

Life Span