PH1011: PH Transmitter With Display

Parameter : pH
Range : 0 to 14% PH
Display : Optional
Accuracy : ± 0.5% / 1.0% of F.S
Power Supply : 230V AC
Max Pressures : Upto 7 Bar


Special Features :
Low Cost OEM
Automatic Temperature Compensation
Front Panel Calibration
Panel Mounting
Low Power LED Display
Over Voltage Protection
Applications :

PH1011 PH Transmitter is one easy to use panel mounting transmitter for
continuous monitorig. Available with bright red LED display, the meter can display the PH of your solution together with a very high accuracy.With Internal temperature compensation, PH1011 delivers fast and high accuracy. Precision pH transmitter immediately detects changes in solution pH. With a 230V AC power supply, This instrument features BNC composite electrode making it easier in the world to facilitate the replacement of used electrodes.


Additional information

pH Range

: 0.00- 14.00


: ±0.5% of F.S Typ ± 1 Digit

Operating Temp.

: – 20 C to 70 C

Storage Temp.

: – 30 C to 85 C

Power Supply

: 230V AC

Electrode Connection

: BNC Pins


: 3 1/2 Digit, 12.5mm LED Display

Electrode Type

: mV


: 4-20 mA, 2 Wire


: Flame Retardant ABS Moulded Housing


: Panel Mounting

Cut Out

: 92mm x 92mm

Front Facia

: 96mm x 96mm (145mm Depth)


: pH4 and pH 7 Calibration