MCD3 : Cleanroom Multi Channel Displayer

Model : MCD3
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Description :

The Clean Room Multi-Channel Displayer is designed to measure and display the Analog Inputs from front-end sensors in Clean Room Areas. Especially suited to accept Analog Inputs from transmitters/sensors for temperature, humidity, differential pressure, air velocity, oxygen level, particle counters, etc. in a single instrument in Clean Room Applications.

The Model MCD3 is designed for minimum cabling & easy flush mounting in Modular walls or Brick Walls of Clean Rooms. The sensors for all 3 parameters can be any sensors with industry-standard 0-10 V.D.C. or 4-20mA Output. The inputs in the Smart Process Scanner are user-programmable between 4-20mA or 0-10 V.D.C. Analog with range programmability for each of the 3 parameters.

Additional features include an integrated buzzer for parameter violation indication with acknowledgment key, individual LED for process violation, and Isolated RS 485 Modbus Communication. Models are available with a 0.5” high Display or with a Large 1” High Display.

The instruments find immense use in Pharma Clean Rooms, APIs, Bulk Drugs, Electronic Hardware Manufacturing Plants, Test Plants, Green Houses, etc. The RS 485 Modbus Communication provides easy integration to Building Management Systems ( BMS ) & SCADA interfacing allow easy setup & great control.

The Input Ranges are freely programmable for each of the 3 Analog Inputs, thus enabling a host of industry-standard transmitters to be connected to the Smart Process Scanner. The user can choose from a range of differential pressure, temperature & humidity transmitters, oxygen level transmitters, particle counters, air velocity, etc. available in the global markets & ensure that each parameter is displayed on the Clean Room Multi-Channel Displayer, installed in the Clean Room Corridors or Rooms for better visibility during day & night. The 1” High Display provides an additional range of visibility thus enhancing the convenience of long-distance viewing with ease.

The Clean Room Multi-Channel Displayer has additional features like buzzer delay time & password-protected Offset provision to enable users to meet audit requirements. The input ranges are also password protected thus providing protection from unauthorized tampering of the instruments

Additional information

Pressure Measuring Range

: -10.0 to +10.0 mm.W.C./-25.0 to +25.0 mm.W.C.
-50.0 to +50.0 mm.W.C./0.0 to +100.0 mm.W.C.
-100 to +100 Pascals/-250 to +250 Pascals
0 to 10, 25, 50, 100, 200, 300, 500, 1000 Pascals
(Any other range factory set as per
customer specifications )

Maximum Over Pressure

: 2 Times the rated pressure


: Integrated 4 Digit Red LED 7 Segment
Display 0.5” High


: Integrated High Speed Differential Pressure Sensor


: 1 Pascals / 0.1 mm.W.C.


: Power

Output (Optional)

: 4–20 mA Isolated


: Air or Gases ( Non Corrosive )


: +/- 0.5% of Full Scale


: Built in Buzzer Alarm for Process Violation Alert


: Instrument Enclosure is in 75x70x40 mm. (Wx Hx D) with Basic Imported Sensor


: 2 Nos. Hose Nipples of 4mm. Stainless Steel at
the Back

Communication (Optional)

: Isolated RS485 Modbus Protocol

Optional Features

: 1 or 2 Relay Output, MIN/MAX feature with
Memory Reset


: M.S. Powder Coated Body with Stainless Steel
Front Flush
Plate for Modular Wall Fitment/Panel/Equipment/LAF Fitment