LPG Detectors

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LPG / Natural Gas Leak Detection Alarm
  • Suitable For LPG And Natural Gas.
  • Excellent selectivity against other gases hence no false alarms.
  • Power Fluctuations – Built in regulator continuously monitors supply voltage and compensates for fluctuation in supply voltage.
  • Model working on 12-volt battery also available.
  • Longer life span.
  • Automatic 1 minute intial warm up delay.
  • Loud alarm of 90 db when presence of gas is detected.
  • Visible led (light emitting diode) warning on gas detection.
  • Unaffected by change in humidity upto 90% Rh (Relative Humidity).
  • Safe alarm point – alarm point comes factory set at 1500 ppm i.e 10% ( subject to change) of L.E.L. (Lower Explosive Limit). This provides sufficient time to take action avoid danger. Does not cause false alarms due to minor leakages which may occur while lightning the burner.

Additional information

Gases detected

LPG, CNG and other Flammable Hydrocarbons

Detection Method


Response Time

Less than 10 sec

Buzzer Sound Level

90db at 30cm

Alarm Set Points

at 10% LEL of Methane

Additional Output

AUX. output for external buzzer

Alarm Mode

latchedor Unlatched (by default Latched)

Power Supply

Mains Operated, 230V AC, 50Hz


L=95mm, H=180mm, D=38mm