LK3600 : Nuclear Radiation Dosimeter

Model : LK3600
Parameters : Radiation: γ, χ rays
Range : 0.01usv/h – 5msv/h
Accuracy : 10% of F.S
Display : LCD
Power : 9V Battery
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Features :
High sensitivity, stable and reliable.
Super LCD English display functions, state display at a glance.
When measuring radiation dose rate, display dose rate, accumulated dose and storage accumulated dose, it has variety of selections on dose rate Alarm threshold. According to the high-low of dose rate and accuracy choice the measure time, general measure time is 02s.
General cases, nature dose rate and cumulative dose do not display, don’t participate in measurement, this improved equipment’s reliability and precision.
Specially designed the nature test function, it can testing equipment work normally or not, convenient to self-check and measuring department
With accumulated dose memory function, after power –failure, data can be stored permanently, and don’t lost.
Simple operation and easy to use


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