IAQW – Air Quality Transmitter

Model : IAQ6w


Application & Features :
  • IAQW detect varies air contaminants(VOC) that influence air quality
  • IAQW for room light and state of art housing, easy installation
  • IAQW are especially high sensitive for VOC in air content such as wood, paint and others produced by toluene, cigarette smoke and ammonia odor, CO, alcohol, natural gas and body smell
  • The VOC use high performance metal oxide semiconductor gas sensor, with up to 5~7 yearssensor life
  • All sensors are low power consumption with good temperature and humidity compensation
  • Power and outputs over voltage and reverse polarity protection, high reliability and anti-interference capability
  • All electrical terminals are on the inside bottom, avoid any possible destroy to PCB when wiring
  • Bright multi-color light bar, indicating different air quality status


Additional information


: VOC: High performance metal oxide semiconductor sensor;


: 16~28VAC/16~35VDC


: VOC : 0~2000ppm equivalent CO2;


: ± 5%FS


: 0~10VDC/4~20mA (default), RS485 Modbus RTU


: Optional LED green/yellow/red air quality indication; Or optional LCD display with unit and green/yellow/red backlight

Load resistance

: ≤500Ω (Current output), ≥2kΩ (Voltage output)


: 1×SPST, 3A/30VDC, 3A/250VAC

Operating Temperature

: -10~50°C, 0~95%RH (Non-condensing)

Storage temperature

: -40~70°C