HT – Series : Humidity & Temp. Transmitter

Model : HT-Series


Multi-function Humidity and Temperature Transmitter

OMICRON’s latest HT series Temperature and Humidity transmitter meets the harsh environmental requirements for temperature and humidity measurement. Via temperature and relative humidity values, the output can be calculated for dew point temperature, absolute humidity, wet bulb temperature, the specific enthalpy and other parameters of humidity. HT series Temperature and Humidity transmitter supported wall mount type, duct type
and remote probe type. Metal probe provides a high temperature, mechanical stress, pressure and withstand harsh environments generated by the fine waterproof housing can avoid environmental contamination and prevent condensation generated. Parameter values measured through the two analog output channels,the output may
be a current or voltage output. You can simply establish a network by RS485 connection to achieve remote monitoring and data logging, measurement data through the storage device for analysis and processing. LCD monitor would displays three measurement parameters at the same time, or the font is enlarged for single display to provide different visual needs. Touch buttons without having to open the housing can be set a one point adjustment for temperature and humidity, output selection, range setting, adjustment parameters, and do not carry the
computer in the environment field will be able to complete the setup work.

  • Remote probe w/M12 connector.
  • Metal probe reduces electromagnetic interference.
  • 2-wire 4…20mA output with selectable physical quantity.
  • 0 … 100%RH measurement, temperature range up to +120 °C (248 °F).
  • Probe pressure up to 10 bar.
  • Display and touch buttons for convenient operation optionally available.
  • Excellent quality and stable measurement.
  • IP-65 housing.
  • 1-point user adjustment.
  • Analog output and RS485.
  • MODBUS RTU protocol with integer and floating type.
  • Unit support for metric or imperial units.
  • Alarm output optional.
  • Dip switch setting.

Additional information

LCD Display

Industrial-grade specifications provide -20 … 70°C temperature working range, it can reliably display measured values in harsh demanding environments. 128X64 image pixel can clearly show the measured values on large font, or it can display three measured values simultaneously.

DIP Switch

DIP switch on the PCB board involves the most common configuration options, so adjust the parameters will having the maximum convenience.


2-wire or 3-wire 4 … 20mA
0 … 1V / 5V / 10V

Alarm Output.

Use function with relay outputs (optional) can be used for switching alarm and control, it can easily set the set points via LCD display and touch buttons. 8A current capacity, so that the control can be freely configured for any application.