GS : Gauge Saver

Model : GS
Type : Gauge Saver
MOC : SS316
Max Temp : 220°C
Max Pressure : 1000 Bar
Size : 1/4″ – 1″


Special Features :

These are designed to protect pressure Instruments from over pressure exceeding The specified pressure range by sudden& Excessive pressure fluctuation from surge Or spike. This device blocks the higher Pressure exceeding the allowed value, until It comes back to normal, when system Pressure becomes normal.Hence this device Safeguards the pressure instrument, gauges, Switches or transmitters by blocking extra High pressure.


Additional information

Standard Version

: EC

Setting Range

: 1.0 to 400 bar

Reset Value

: -30% of set value

'0' Ring

: Viton

Max. Working pressure

500 Bar

Operating Temperature

: -20°C to 200°C

Material of construction