FS1000 : Insertion Type Airflow Sensing Element

Model FS1000
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Special Features :
Low signal-to-noise ratio
Multiple total and static pressure sensing ports along the length of the element
Averaging internal manifold
Insensitive to flow angle variations of as much as ±20° when faced in the
normal direction of flow
±2% accuracy throughout the velocity rages of 100 fpm and over
Standard construction is 6063-T5 aluminum with anodized finish
Available in optional corrosive resistance materials including Type 316L stainless steel, Hastaloy, and Type 1 PVC
Standard elements can be operated (in air) continuously in temperatures up to
350°F or inter mittently in temperatures up to 400°F
All elements can be operated in humidity ranges of 0 to 100%
Standard elements have good salt air and mild acid resistance; excellent solvent and aromatic hydrocarbon resistance

Additional information

Applications :

The FS1000 is an insertion type airflow sensing element designed for quick, easy installation through a small cutout in the existing ductwork. Where multiple elements are required for proper duct traversing, the output ports are manifolded together, external to the ductwork. Each element is furnished complete with mounting hardware and sealing gaskets. Standard aluminum elements also include all brass compression fittings required to manifold the elements together.

The FS1000 airflow sensing element is a head type device, which generates a differential (velocity) pressure signal similar to the orifice, venturi, and other head producing primary elements. The FS1000 is constructed so that strategically located sensing ports (based on duct size) continually sample the total and static pressures, when inserted normal to flow. The total pressures sensed by the upstream ports are continually averaged within the element in an isolated chamber. The static sensing ports (located where the influence of the velocity head is zero) are averaged in a second isolation chamber. Each chamber is then connected to one side of a differential measurement device (gauge, transmitter, etc.) for flow measurement and indication purposes.