AR816 : Anemometer

Model : AR-816
Parameters : Air velocity / Temperature
Range : 1 – 30 m/s / 0 to 50C
Accuracy : 3% / 1%
Display : LCD
Power : 9V Battery


Description :

The Anemometer measures air velocity in five units of measure: feet per minute(ft/min), meters per second(m/sec), miles per hour(MPH), kilometers per hour(km/hr), & nautical miles per hour(knots).An internal NTC sensor allows it to measure air temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit units.This meter is shipped fully tested and calibrated and with proper use will provide years of reliable service

Additional information

Circuit description

: Custom LSI microprocessor design


: Dual function 8888 count LCD display

Measurement units

: m/s, km/h, ft/mm, knots , mph, Temperature: °C/°F

Data hold

: Freezes reading on the display

Sensor Structure

: Air velocity sensor: Conventional twisted vane arm with low- friction ball-bearing

Memory Recall

: Record and Recall Maximum/Minimum (MAX/MIN) readings

Auto Power off

: After 15 minutes with disable feature

Operating Temperature

: 32 °Fto 122 °F (0 oCto50 °C)

Operating Humidity

: Max. 80% RH

Power Supply

: 9V battery

Power Consumption

: Approx, 8,3mA DC