AN8880 : Hot Wire Anemometer

Model : AN-8880
Parameters : Differential Pressure
Resolution : 0.10 C
Accuracy : 3%
Power : 9V Battery
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Description :

The AN-8880 is a miniature Hot Wire handheld anemometer which can measure air velocity and temperature simultaneously. It features multiple units like MPH, Km/h, Ft/min, m/s and knots. The display also has a temperature display in 0C and 0F. Powered with a 9V Battery, it weighs only 306 grams. The instrument comes with a slim probe which is ideal for grills and diffusers.

Features :
Slim Probe for Very Low Air Velocity Measurement
High Accuracy with Rapid Measurements
Large Dual Line Backlit LCD Display
Long Battery Life
Temperature and Velocity Display in m/s, km/hr, ft/min, MPH, knots
Fast Response Time

Additional information

Operating Temperature

: -100°C – 500°C

Operating Humidity

: 5% RH ~ 95% RH

Wind Speed Range

: 0 – 30 m/s


9V Battery

Temperature Range

: -100°C 500°C


: 0.10 C


: ± 10 C

Anemo Probe

: Hot wire thermal

Temperature Sensor

: NTC Thermistor

Sampling Rate

: 2 times / per second

Low Battery Indication

: Yes

Power Supply

: 9V Battery


: 306 gms