M12 – Differential Pressure Type Velocity Transmitter

Model : M12



M12 series velocity transmitter is used for measuring low pressure of air and non-combustible gases in order to monitor and control building automation, HVAC, and cleanroom systems. These transmitters boast of their outstanding performance, high quality, and economical pricing. This transmitter can detect differential pressure or gauge pressure then convert this pressure difference to a proportional analog output signal, in order to monitor and control building automation with precise pressure and flow.

Technical Detail:
  • Selectable measuring unit
  • LCD backlit digital display or without display
  • Auto zero point when power on optional
  • Selectable response time field adjustable from 0.5s to 4s
  • Manual zero-point push button
  • Easy installation

Additional information


: ±1.0%FS

Pressure unit

: Pa,mmH2O,mbar,inWG,mmHG,daPa, KPa,hPa (Dip Switch Settable)

Output signal

: 0-10VDC and 4-20mA Simultaneous output/ 4-20mA 2 wire

Supply voltage

: 16~30VAC; VDCfor M11x – Ax 16~30VDC; for others

Power consumption

: 1.5W

Response time

: 20mS,0.5S,1S,2S settable



: 1Pa,1mmH2O,0.01mbar,0.004inWG,0.007mmHG, 0.1daPa,0.001KPa, 0.01hPa


: 1Pa,1mmH2O,0.01mbar,0.004inWG,0.007mmHG, 0.1daPa,0.001KPa, 0.01hPa


: 0.1Pa,0.01mmH2O,0.001mbar,0.01 daPa,0.001 hPa

Zero point adjustment

: Automatic with autozero setting or with push button

Measuring media

: Air and neutral gas

Ambient temperature

: -10 ~ 60°C (0 – 99% RH Non Condensing)

Protection class

: IP 54( IP 65 Version Available Optionally, Add Suffix I in Order Code)

Over pressure capacity

: Model Over Pressure ` M116 -15,000 ~ +15,000Pa M110 -150,000 ~ +150,000Pa M112 -4500 ~ +4500P

Agency Approval

: V = Cm √ 2 Δ p / ϱ L – pitot coefficient : Cm = 0.998
Δ P : Pressure difference p= 1.18 kg/m ➂
(Barometric P = 101.325KPa; Temp T= 25 °C )