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WATER TEST K-100-TH : Total/Ca-Hardness Controller
Parameter : Watertest K-100-TH
Temperature : Pt-100 input
Display : alphanumerical LCD

Special Features :

On-line monitoring for Calcium (and Magnesium) in boiler water
On-line measurement of Calcium (and Magnesium) after a softening cycle
On-line analysis of Calcium (and Magnesium) in cooling water (e.g. at power plants)
Feedback control of Calcium (and Magnesium) in water (lower/upper set points)
With “alarm” output

Specifications :

Input : high-impedance. >5x1012 Ohm, galvanically isolated
Temperature : Pt-100 input, 2-conductor. Range : -30.0… 140.0 +/-0.1°C
Temp. compens : manual or automatic
Display : alphanumerical LCD, 2 lines, 16 characters
Analog output : 0/4 …20 mA, freely attributable, aglvanically isolated, max.olad 400 Ohm
Relay output : 2 realy outputs, SPDT contacts 250 V, 6 A max 550 VA
Interface : optional RS 485
Ambient temp : operation 050°C storrage -2065°C
Humidity : max 90% at 40°C non-condensing
Power required : 230 or 130 or 24 VAC, -10 …+6%, 40…60 Hz
Power consumption : 10 VA
Electromagn. Comp : according to DIN EN 50081-1 50081-2 in Compliance with CE
Casing : Polystyrole, spring-loaded terminals
Protection class : IP 65 (NEMA X4)
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