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- PH-1001-PH Transmitter
  Without Display
- PH-1011-PH Transmitter
  With Display
- TDS-691-TDS
  Transmitter Without Display
- EC691-Conductivity
  Transmitter Without Display
- EC692-Conductivity
  Transmitter With Display
- ORP-1001-ORP
  Transmitter Without Display
- DOT-6400-
  Submersible Galvanic
  Dissolved Oxygen Sensors
- CL5-Free Chlorine Sensors
- Watertest K-100-TH-
   Total/Ca-Hardness Controller
- TBD-99-Online Turbidity Meter
- WH:Total Hardness Automatic    Analyzer
- CD4: Chlorine Dioxide Sensors
- SA-300: Silica Analyser
- SA-300H: Silica(SiO2) Analyzer
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WH: Total Hardness Automatic Analyzer

Special Features :

Convenient maintenance
1. Easy tube replacement & disassembly
2. No defect due to simplified structure
3. Sample supply stop, alarm display
4. Alarm function for lack of reagents or sample
Set function for analysis start,wait, end time
Reagent 1ea & Low consumption (Available for 2-5 months)
Convenient to operate
Measurement data storage (500ea)
1. Softner & softwater monitoring
2. Boiler water monitoring
3. Industrial boiler system

Specifications :

  Model :WH- 010S WH- 030 WH- 030H
Measurement range 0~3.0 mg/L
(0~3.0 ppm)
5~30 mg/L
(5~30 ppm)
30~300 mg/L
(30~300 ppm)
Resolution (Display) 0.5 ppm
(0.1 ppm)
5 ppm
(1 ppm)
30 ppm
(5 ppm)
Accuracy ±0.5 ppm ± 5 ppm ± 30 ppm
Response time 4 min App 5 min App. 6 min App.
Alarm warning 1~500 ppm (User settable)
Data Output LCD screen display in English & N umerical v alues ,4~20 mA 1 ea
Data storage Measurement date, Hardness measurement value (500 case s)
Reagent 500ml *1 (Replacement cycle: 2~5 month s / Based on hourly operatio n)
Sample Flow 200~500 ml /min
Sample Temp. 5 ~ 45 °C
Dimensions(mm) 250W X 350H X 160D (Wall Mount Type)
Power 100~240 VAC (50/60 Hz)
water hardness test,water temperature sensor
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