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VCP64 : Vacuum Transducer

Description :

The Pirani sensor in the VCP64 works with the patented impulse ramp principle.
The VCP64 has an optimized temperature compensation, which leads to higher accuracy and excellent stability.

Analog, logarithmic output signal

Benefits :

Suitable for corrosive media
High reliabilty
Compact design for industrial applications
High resolution, also in the rough vacuum range
Excellent reproducibility
High chemical resistance with platinum rhodium filament
Durable, elastic Pirani helix filament
Stable measurements due to optimized temperature compensation
Suitable for UHV applications due to the robust metal sealed stainless steel sensor
Filament protected by a metal screen provides good resistance against oil and solvent vapors
Precise push button digital adjustment on zero pressure and atmosphere
Logarithmic standard output 2.2 - 8.5 V
Easy system integration and connection with PLCs, wide supply voltage range
Rugged, EMI -proof metal housing
Vacuum connection using stainless steel small flange DN 16 ISO-KF
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