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TWT : Sanitory Thermowell
Type : Sanitory
Fabrication : Barstock
Lengths : Upto 28"
MOC : SS316 / Exotic Metals
Max Pressure : 400 bar
Min ID : 8 mm

Special Features :

Food and beverage industry
Biochemical and pharmaceutical industry
Sterile process technology

Applications :

TWT thermowells are manufactured from solid bar stock. They are installed into the process using a clamp connection. The smooth, polished surface of the wetted parts guarantee easy cleaning and prevents potential contamination of the process.This design of thermowell will accept thermocouples (TC), resistance temperature detectors (RTD), as well as mechanical and digital thermometers.

Specifications :

Thermowell Style : Tapered, Straight, or Stepped
Sterile Connection : Tri-Clamp or Bevel Seat
Connection Size : 1 to 3 inch
Insertion Length : Up to 28 inch (635 mm) for single piece construction
Instrument Connection : 1/2 NPT female or customized
Bore Size : 0.260 inch (6.6 mm) or customized
Bore Depth : Up to 28 inch (635 mm)
Options: : Alternate surface finishes
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