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TWS : Screwed Thermowell
Type : Screwed
Fabrication : Barstock
Lengths : Upto 28"
MOC : SS316 / Exotic Metals
Max Pressure : 400 bar
Min ID : 8 mm

Special Features :

Fabricated From Bar Stock
Standard For Manufacturing Followed- Ptc 19.3
Thermowell Available In Exotic Materials Such As Hastalloy-C, Tantalum, Monel, Titanium, Inconel 600 etc
Thermowells Are Used As An Accessory With Temperature Instruments, Sensors, To Protect Its Basic Sensing Element From Corrosive And Mechanical Damages Due To Process Parameters

Applications :

Thermowells are used as accessories with temperature instruments and temperature sensors to protect its basic sensing element from corrosive and mechanical damages due to process parameters.
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