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SY3 : U Type Syphon
Type : Syphon
Model : SY3
MOC : SS316 / CS
Max Temp : 150°C
Max Pressure : 70 Bar
Size : 1/8" - 1"

Special Features :

Siphons are used mainly to protect pressure instruments, gauges, Switches and transmitters directly coming in Contact with high temperature process fluids or vapours. Filled with Condensation fluids, these are mounted Between process and pressure instrument. They reduce process Pulsation, act as heat dispenser and generate cooling effect to save Instrument from working at dangerous temperature.

Specifications :

Material : AISI 316 Stainless Steel
Pipe Size : Schedule 40
Operating Pressure
Carbon Steel : 150 kg/cm2at 430 "Cmax.
Stainless Steel : 135 kg/cm2 at 450 °C max.
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