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SSF : Screwed Flush Diaphragm Seal
Type : Screwed Flush
Range : 0 to 700 bar
Connection : Threaded
Fill Fluid : Silicon / Fluorolube
Wetted Parts : SS316L / Exotic
Non Wetted Parts : SS316L / Exotic

Special Features :

One Piece Construction
No Bolts/Gasket
Flush Diaphragm

Applications :

Diaphragm seals are provided in the instruments like pressure gauges, switches, transmitters in order to isolate the sensing element from the main service due to its corrosive, viscous and sedimented nature and to avoid clogging and solidification. These seals are used in applications where the process media & pulsation may adversely affect gauge life typically used in spray painting, waste water treatment & chlorination plant etc.

Specifications :

Standard Version :
Pressure Range : 4 kg/cm2 to 250 kg/cm21
Process Temperature : -40°C to 200°C or as per fill fluid
Instrument Connection : 1/4” BSP (F)
Process Connection : 1/4” BSP (M)
Diaphragm : AISI 316LSS
Chamber : AISI 316SS
Fill Fluid : Silicon Oil - DC 200
diaphragm seal pressure gauge,diaphragm seals for pressure gauges
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