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Pressure Instruments
Temperature Instruments
Level Instruments
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Humidity Instruments
Cleanroom Instrument
HVAC / BMS Sensors
Air Quality Sensors
Water Quality Sensors
- PH-1001-PH Transmitter
  Without Display
- PH-1011-PH Transmitter
  With Display
- TDS-691-TDS
  Transmitter Without Display
- EC691-Conductivity
  Transmitter Without Display
- EC692-Conductivity
  Transmitter With Display
- ORP-1001-ORP
  Transmitter Without Display
- DOT-6400-
  Submersible Galvanic
  Dissolved Oxygen Sensors
- CL5-Free Chlorine Sensors
- Watertest K-100-TH-
   Total/Ca-Hardness Controller
- TBD-99-Online Turbidity Meter
- WH:Total Hardness Automatic    Analyzer
- CD4: Chlorine Dioxide Sensors
- SA-300: Silica Analyser
- SA-300H: Silica(SiO2) Analyzer
PHSEN: Laboratory
   pH Electrodes
VAV Boxes
BTU Meter
Indicators & Controllers
Portable Instruments
SA-300H: Silica(SiO2) Analyzer

Special Features :

Convenient maintenance
  - Easy tube replacement & disassembly - No defect due to simplified
structure - Data storage function (USB)
7” Color LCD Monitor
Display of data trend
Alarm function for lack of reagents or sample
Automatic calibration by standard solution
Multichannel operation (1~6ch)
  - Monitoring and control of the boiler water, feed water.
  - Power Plants, Semiconductor Industry.
Specifications :
  Model SA - 300 SA - 300H
Resolution Colorimetric
(Molybdenum blue)
(Molybdenum yellow)
Measuring Range 0~50 to 0~500
ppb 0~3,000 ppb
0~50 ppm
Display (Resolution) 0.1 ppb (0.5 ppb) 0.1 ppm (0.5 ppm)
Accuracy ± 1.0 ppb or ± 2% of reading ± 2% of reading
Response Time 12 min App. 12 min App.
Sample Pressure 1~ 5 bar
Sample Temperature 5 ~ 45°C
Sample Flow 200~500 ml /min
Sample Connections Inlet 6mm / Outlet 10mm
Reagent Consumption 80 days (A, C, STD/2L, B/1L)
Data Output 4 ~ 20 mA, RS485 Modbus
Dimensions 400W X 500H X 200D (Flush type),
    530W X 1700H X 300D (Self -standing type)
Power 100~240 VAC (50/60 Hz)
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