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RTD004 : Weld Pad RTD
Type : Weld Pad
Wetted Parts : SS316
Minimum OD : 3mm
Maximum OD : 10mm
Connection : N/A
Wire / Connector : SS Braided

Special Features :

Mineral insulation.
Available in all sheath diameters
Mineral insulation enables flexibility and durability.
Enclosures in all material - Die cast Aluminium / Cast Iron / SS 304 /SS316
Enclosures in all categories (Weatherproof, IP-65 to IP-68, Flameproof Gr. HA IIB and Explosionproof, Gr. HA, IIB, HC for Hservice application.)
Reference standard :- IEC - 751.

Applications :

This design is specifically used to measure skin temperature of heater tube or flat surface. Typical applications are measurement of surface temperature of refactory lined vessels, columns, reactors in Petrochemical plants & oil Refineries & pipelines.
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