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Pressure Instruments
- Pressure Gauges
- Pressure Transmitters
- APR2000G - SMART
- PD6800 - With Display
- P8700 - OEM
- C3200 - Compound
- LR1200 - Low Pressure
- S6500 - High Temperature
- U3200 - High Accuracy
- FM4400 - Flushmounted
- ZS5200 - Zero / Span
- TC2700 - Sanitory
- PX9000 - Intrinsically Safe
- MSX - Ex-Proof
- CP6700 - Cryogenic
- PC1000 - PCB Mounted
- MT2200 - Mud
- IPW4 : I to P Converter
- PVG : Digital Pirani Gauge
- VCP64 : Vacuum Transducer
- Pressure Switch
- Differential Pressure Switch
- Digital Pressure Gauge
- Differential
  Pressure Transmitter
- Melt Pressure Transmitters
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Level Instruments
Flow Instruments
Humidity Instruments
Cleanroom Instrument
HVAC / BMS Sensors
Air Quality Sensors
Water Quality Sensors
VAV Boxes
BTU Meter
Indicators & Controllers
Portable Instruments
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Features :

Setting : By 4 keys on the front stainless steel panel
Buzzer : Integrated buzzer for Alarm in case of process violation of any of the 3 parameters
Supply Voltage : 24VDC, 250mA/ Optional Any Other Required Voltage
Mounting : Wall mounting / Modular Wall mounting with Stainless Steel Front
      Flush Plate for Clean Rooms
Sensors : Integrated Humidity & Temperature Sensor flushed to front plate Built in differential pressure sensor
with Brass Hose Nipples (Chrome Plated)
for Differential Pressure At Rear ( 4nim x 2 Nos.)
Communication : RS 485 Modbus Protocol (Optional)
Dimension : Enclosure : 74(W) X 72(H) X 40(D) mm.
      Stainless Steel Front Plate : 110W x 90 (H) mm
Enclosure : M.S. Powder Coated Body with Stainless Steel Front Flush Plate for Modular Wall Mounting /Optional Brick Wall Mounting

Applications :

These are Digital Indicators for the measurement of high vacuum in the Pirani Range upto 0.001 mBar. The indicator is panel mounting type with a Pirani Gauge Head (Sensor) which can be clamped onto the point of measurement using a KF Clamp fitting. Models are available for vacuum measurement from 999 mBar (Atmospheric) to 0.001 mBar (1 micron) & from 1 mBar to 0.001 mBar (1 micron) depending on the application. The display is an intelligent 3 Digit 7 segment LED display with auto decimal resolution setting.
All Pirani Gauges are based on the principle of measurement of thermal conductivity of gases. The Digital Pirani Gauges come with a single gauge head or a dual gauge head enabling the use of one instrument to measure the vacuum of 2 points. The Digital Pirani Gauge is a direct replacement for the conventional Analog Pirani Gagues & is mains operated on Single Phase , 230 V.A.C. supply.
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