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Product Range
Pressure Instruments
Temperature Instruments
Level Instruments
Flow Instruments
Humidity Instruments
Cleanroom Instrument
HVAC / BMS Sensors
Air Quality Sensors
Water Quality Sensors
- PH-1001-PH Transmitter
  Without Display
- PH-1011-PH Transmitter
  With Display
- TDS-691-TDS
  Transmitter Without Display
- EC691-Conductivity
  Transmitter Without Display
- EC692-Conductivity
  Transmitter With Display
- ORP-1001-ORP
  Transmitter Without Display
- DOT-6400-
  Submersible Galvanic
  Dissolved Oxygen Sensors
- CL5-Free Chlorine Sensors
- Watertest K-100-TH-
   Total/Ca-Hardness Controller
- TBD-99-Online Turbidity Meter
- WH:Total Hardness Automatic    Analyzer
- CD4: Chlorine Dioxide Sensors
- SA-300: Silica Analyser
- SA-300H: Silica(SiO2) Analyzer
PHSEN: Laboratory
   pH Electrodes
VAV Boxes
BTU Meter
Indicators & Controllers
Portable Instruments
PHSEN: Laboratory pH Electrodes

Special Features :

Fast - 95% Response in Less than 1 Second (bulb-type only)
Combination or Half Cell Designs
Single or Double Junction Construction
Choose between Sealed and Re-fillable Models
Choose between Glass and Plastic Body Models
Specifications :
pH Range 0-14 (Na+ error at >12.3 pH)peed of
Response 95% in 1 second (bulb-type only)
95% in 5 seconds (flat-type only)
Isopotential point pH 7.00 (0 mV)
Offset +/- 0.20 pH
Span 97% of theoretical or higher
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