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Model : PGDTP
Temperature : 0 to 50°C
Range : 0 to 100 psi
Battery Life : 500 hours
Accuracy : ±1.0% of F.S
Output : NIL

Special Features :

Light Weight Construction
Battery Operated
Autoswitch Off Function

Applications :

These Gauges are suitable for tyre pressure measurement in auto mobile industries.

Specifications :

Accuracy : ±1% of Full Scale Value
Ambient temperature : - 25 C to + 65 C
Maximum Pressure : 100 psi
Operating pressure : 75% of the Scale Value
Over pressure limit : 130% of Full Scale Value
Auto Switch Off : If unused for 15 Seconds
Display : LCD Display
Weight : 70 Grams
Power Supply : Lithium Battery Operated
Standard Units : PSI, bar, kg/cm2, kPa
Backlight : Inbuilt
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