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OS137 : Infrared Temperature Transmitter

Description :

OS137 using non-contact temperature measurement device.Provide 4-20mA current output it can be easily installed in a variety of applications, especially suitable for long distances, install more noise industrial environments.The probe uses a stainless steel shell, in the industrial

Performance :

Spectral Range : 1.6um/1um
Accuracy @ 25ºC : ±0.5% or 1°C
  Repeatability @ 25ºC : ±0.5% or 5°C
ResponseTime : 10ms(95%)
Emissivity : 0.10-1.00
Analog Output : 4-20mA with 750 ohm Max. load
Power : 24VDC -5%
Sight : Laser Sighting(Level 2 laser, the maximum
  output power1mW,650nm
Operating Ambient
: OperatingAmbientTemperature
StorageTemperature : 20 to 70ºC
Protection class : IP65
Weight (sensor only) : 0.9kg
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