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LSCF : Cable Float Switch
Type : Cable Float
Range : Upto 10m
Contacts : Upto 20 SPDT
Enclosure : NIL
Max Pressure : Upto 5 bar

Special Features :

Good long term stability and reliability
Wide Temperature Range
Fast response
Compact Version
Outstanding accuracy and repeatability

Applications :

"OMICRON" make cable float switch is a control device for filling and discharging pumps,
motor and magnetic valves. It is also an alarm device at certain pre-determined surface
levels. It is suitable for use in non-flammable liquids at 250 volts. In dangerous
enviroments (e.g. wells and pumping stations) we recommend 24 V voltage. In
potentially explosive atmospheres (e.g. oil tanks) the Switch can be used in conjunction
with (Ex) i-isolator switch units. Due to its large float casing the float Switch has a buoyancy which guarantees smooth, trouble-free operation under all conditions. The switch has double chamber and a final remoulding finish to make it absolutely hermetic.

Specifications :

Switching element : Micro Switch
Life of Switch : 1,00,000 Operations
Rated voltage : 250 VAC
Rated Current : 10 Amp at 230 VAC Res
Optional :15 Amp at 230 VAC
Pressure rating : 2 Bar
Heat rating : 70 degrees C
Standard Cable length : 3 Mtrs (Max. 20 Mtrs)
Float material : Polypropylene (PP)
Cable insulation : PVC
Protection : IP 68
water level switch,capacitive level sensor
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