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IAQ-1002 : Air Quality Transmitter
Special Features :
High Sensitivity to VOCs and Odorous Gases
High Impact Plastic Enclosure provides Durability in Commercial Environments
Low Energy Consumption
Back-lit LCD Display
Temperature and Humidity readings all in one
RS485 Network connection, Modbus RTU at 19.2k and 9600 baud
Three transducer outputs, 4-20mA, 0-5V or 0-10V selectable
Applications :
This full-featured CPU based device is ideal for the detection of Air Contami-nants. In residential and commercial environment, Omicron's IAQ Sensor has high sensitivity to VOCs and odorous gases. This unit comes with an LCD display with back lighting for easy viewing. It comes standard with humid-ity and temperature reading capabilities, which are vital when managing air quality control, and with the manual jumper output selection, your readings have never been more precise.

Specifications :

Operating temperature : -30~70°C (-22~158°F)
Supply Voltage : 12~24Vac±20%, 50~60Hz
    : 12~24Vdc±20%, 50~60Hz
12~24Vdc±20%, 50~60Hz   55mA @ 24Vdc
Ambient Humidity Range : 0~100%RH
Humidity Sensor Module : Omicron HUM-M2
Air Quality Sensor Element : Figaro TGS2600
      Figaro TGS2602
Material, Enclosure : Flame Proof Plastic
Enclosure Rating : IP31
Temperature Sensor : 10K thermistor ±0.5OC
Color : White / Off-white
Weight : 200g
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