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F6700 : Electromagnetic Flow Transmitter
Instrument : Flow Transmitter
MOC : SS316
Max Pressure : 25 bar
Accuracy : ±2%
Enclosure : Weatherproof IP65
Output : 4 - 20 mA; RS-485

Special Features :

b Intelligent Electromagnetic Flow Meter with Optional HART
b High Accuracy with High Repeatability
b Wide Measurement Range, upto 10:1
b No Moving Parts, Reducing the Maintenance
b Works with all Liquids
b Optionally available for High Pressure Applications

Applications :

F6700 Electromagnetic Flow Meter with new engineering innovations, has all the desired features to ever changing needs of industries like Paper, Cement, Textile, Power, Pharmaceutical, Process, Dairy and Water Management. A perfect answer to almost any application, regardless of size (From 15MM to 3000MM), F6700 withstands the rigors of industrial demands.
Advantages :
b Proven High Reliability with More than 15 years of Experience
b Low Cost of Installation
b Pre Calibrated at Factory, No Field Calibration Required
b Very Low Pressure loss results in considerable enery savings
b Zero Maintenance as there are no moving or rotating parts
b True Volumetric Output is available from the Flow Indicator
magnetic flow meter
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