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Model : EXIC
Accuracy : ±0.5%
Retransmission : NIL
Display : 3½ Digits
Relay : NIL
Inputs : Universal (Factory Set)

Features :

Micro-controller based design
Instruments offering digital indication, control,retransmission,signal isolation, flow totalizing, batch control features, etc
LED or LCD Displays
Loop-powered Indicators
Battery powered Indicators
Up to two Control Relay outputs
Operation by soft keys on facia or Remote Control (optional)
24 VDC power supply operation
Rugged, industrial grade Aluminum,Stainless Steel or industrial grade ABS enclosures
Field / Hazardous area installations.
IP-65 protection
Mounting accessories for wall or 2" pipe mounting.
Proven record of several thousand installations
Lifetime Warranty on design and workmanship.

Applications :

Omicron offers the new JX series weather-proof and explosion-proof instruments for various process measurement and control applications. The enclosures are designed for use in industries having a high degree of ambient dust, humidity, inclement weather and corrosive or hazardous atmospheres.

The display electronics is mounted inside the epoxy coated die-cast Aluminum housing, which has a Safety Glass window of 55 mm diameter for indication of process and control values. For more aggressive environments, a Stainless Steel SS—31 6 version is also available.

Instruments such as Digital Loop Powered Indicators, LED Meters and Indicators for all applications, On/Off Controllers, etc. are some of the instruments offered in these enclosures.

The enclosures are compact, rugged and aesthetically designed. They are offered in Epoxy Green & Ivory color for Aluminum enclosures and Natural Silver color for Stainless Steel SS—316 enclosures. Complete mounting accessories in Plated steel are offered for field or 2" pipe mounting.

The enclosures are certified for use in Gas Groups IIAand IIB and Zone 1and 2 atmosphere by CMRI, Dhanbad, for Flame-proof applications as per IS/IEC 60079-1:2007 and Weather-proof app

Technical Specifications :

Type : Microcontroller based instrumentation in Explosion-proof / Weather-proof Execution. [fully configurable]
Input : 4 to 20 mA DC, RTD Pt-100 (three-wire),
Thermocouple, etc. (as required).
Indication : Four-digit red LED seven-segment display for process indication
Display height :  
Accuracy : 0.4"
Scale Range : -999 to +9999
: Configurable
Accuracy : < ± 0.1%
Settings : By Membrane Key-pad soft keys on front panel
Optionally by Remote Control through enclosure glass window
Features :

Settings for Scale Calibration, Decimal position, Relay setting.

Power Supply : 24 VDC. Optionally 90 to 270 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions : 140 x 130 x 130 mm [WxHxD].
Execution : Explosion-proof as per IS/IEC 60079-1:2007
Ingress Protection : IP-65
Enclosure : Weather-proof & Explosion-proof, Die cast Aluminum alloy LM6 (single chamber) suitable for Gas groups IIA/IIB, certified by CIMFR
Window : Toughened Safety Glass Window, 55 mm dia
Cable entries : Two, ¾" ET SS Glands
Mounting : Suitable forWaII mounting or 2" pipe mounting.
Mounting accessories : M16 Mounting Bolt, 2" Pipe mounting U-Clam, L-Bracket


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