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Features :

DV9800 is the latest series of advanced cost effective temperature and process scanners from Micro Systems & Controls. It incorporates advanced software features and a dual micro controller based design to provide complete user flexibility and can cater to almost all monitoring and data acquisition needs of the user. It can be user programmed to cover different application needs thus reducing time, inventory and spares cost. It accepts direct signals from thermocouples, RTDs and linear voltage and current inputs, either as fixed type or programmable universal input. Each channel is sequentially scanned and active channels are displayed. Also it has the feature of alphanumeric LCD display for user selectable multi-parameter display. Individual channels can be locked for monitoring using the HOLD key. Flexible alarm logic and grouping is provided to energize alarm relay outputs as per the process parameter values and programmed set points. Serial communication options are provided to enable the scanner to be used in DAS front-end applications. Optional windows based MicroDAS software is also available from 8 to 256 channels for monitoring and data logging using multidrop RS485 MODBUS RTU option

Performance Specifications:

Universal input
Advanced - dual micro controller based
LED display and LCD display
User programmable
  Alarm logic
  Relay grouping
  Sensor break logic
  Channel name – 8 Char
  Alphanumeric LCD display
  Units display
Front panel calibration
20000 count optically isolated ADC
Self diagnostics with error code
Universal power supply or 24V DC PS
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