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DT-156 : Coating Thickness Meter
Model : DT-156
Parameters : Coating Thickness
Range : 0 to 1.25mm
Accuracy : 3% of F.S
Display : LCD
Power : 9V Battery

Special Features :

Measurable Coating: Any non-magnetic coating of magnetic material surface; any Insulation Coating of non-magnetic metal surface
Menu design for easy operation
Continuous and single measurement method
Direct mode and group mode
Values displayed: average, maximum, minimum, standard deviation, statistics
One point or two-point calibration very convenient
320 measurements can be stored for downloading to the computer
Delete the measurement data and the data group Real-time
High and low limit alarm
Low power and error
USB to transfer data to the computer for analysis
Automatic power off function can be set

Applications :

The instrument can be used in non-destructive, fast and accurate area for coating thickness measurement. It is an ideal aided tool for the paint, corrosion, plating, automotive, ship transportation, aircraft manufacturing and other related industries. It can work stably in the laboratory, workshop and outdoor scene. At the same time, it can work both in the principle of electromagnetic induction and eddy current, and complete different tasks of coating thickness measurement.
coating thickness gauge
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