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DP: Differential Pressure Transmitter
Model : DP
Range : -1000 to 2000 mmwc
Output : 0-10 V / 4 - 20 mA
Accuracy : ±1% of F.S
Media : Air / Gases
Display : Optional

Special Features :

Minimum DP range to 25Pa and accuracy is 1%
Range select could be easily set by button in field, do not need extra pump equipment
Multiple applications, positive, negative or differential pressure
Selectable double line four bit LCD Display
High protection housing IP65

Applications :

DP differential pressure transmitter applies new CDM technology, can precisely monitor very low range differential pressure with multiple functions. It can compensate temperature effect, is not sensitive to medium and does not have any pressure drift. So is very reliable. The pressure vibration can be filtered by the damping function. The output is steady under very low range pressure and the sensor is not sensitive to dust and moisture. It could even be installed in the outside air environment between -20~70°C. It is applicable to: clean room, isolated room, ventilation system, energy management system, leak testing, air velocity measurement, medical care and test instrument, furnace pressure test, etc.

Specifications :

Medium : Air and non-combustible gas
Accuracy : 1%
Range : min. 0~25Pa, max. 0~3KPa
Temperature range : -10~50°C
Temperature drift : 0.05% (zero and full range total)
Pressure limit : 1 psi (continuous), 10 psi (exploded)
Power supply : 10~35VDC(2 wires);
  10~36VDC or isolated 15~26VAC (3 wires)
Output signal : 4~20mA(2 wires); 0~10(3 wires)
Response time : field adjustable 0.5~15s
Zero and Span adjust : digital button
Output load : <1250 ohm (current); >1000 ohm (voltage)
Electrical consumption : <40mA
Display (optional) : LCD
Electrical connection : 1/2" NPS terminal
Pressure connection : 3/16" (5 mm) ID pipe, Max. OD 9mm
Protection rate : IP65
Installation direction : vertical
differential pressure transmitter for flow measurement
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