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D129 : Sound Level Datalogger
Model : D129
Parameters : Sound Level
Display : Nil
Samples : 32000
Connection : USB
Accuracy : ± 1.4 dB

Special Features :

Conforms to the IEC61672-1 Class 2 for sound level measurement
NORM and PEAK mode
Over range indication
A & C frequency weighting
Fast (125ms) and slow (1s) time weighting
Calibration via software
Manual and automatic start modes

Applications :

This is a brand new Omicron D129 CE certified digital sound / noise level
datalogger. This meter has a built-in USB port which connects to a Windows
PC for uploading the recorded data. This is an ideal instrument for noise
monitoring in factory, school, business and traffic areas. This meter conforms
to the IEC61672-1 Class 2 standards. This device operates on a 3.6V Lithium
battery. This device is very accurate (+/- 1.4 dB) and durable, an ideal companion
for your field projects

Please note that the FREE Windows software is provided AS IS. There is no
software development kit nor engineering support for the software.

Specifications :

Accuracy : +/- 1.4 dB
Frequency range : 24h
Dynamic range : 0.4 to 30.0m/s
Measuring ranges : 0.1 m/s
Time weighting : ±3.5% or ± 0.2 m/s
    : Slow: 1 sec
Microphone : 1/2 inch electret condener microphone
Data memory : 129920 samples
Battery life : about 240 hours
LED indicator : Green (operating) and Yellow (memory full) LED
OS compatibility
  Windows 2000, XP or Vista
data logger pt100, high temp data logger
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