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CMW : Wall Mounted Carbon Monoxide Transmitter
Parameter : CO
Mounting : Wall / Duct
Range : 0 to 250 ppm
Display : Optional
Accuracy : ± 3% of F.S
Output : 4 - 20mA
: 0 - 10VDC

Special Features :

High performance semiconductor sensors and circuits, ensure accurate measurement and temperature compensation
Good long term stability and reliability
15 Years Sensor Life
Fast response
Digital technology applied, multiple output optional, over voltage and reverse polarity protection, high reliability and interference capability
Fast Response
High protection rate up to IP65

Applications :

Omicron carbon Monoxide transmitters are designed for environment monitoring and controlling in industrial and commercial buildings. These transmitters can be used for:
Air monitoring of supply, exhaust and return air
Air monitoring in critical environment such as outside air
Other applications of combustion measurement

Specifications :

Carbon Monooxide Transmitter
Sensor : Digital Semiconductor
Range : 0~250 ppm
Output : 4~20mA(4 wires),2~10VDC(4 wires); Jumper Settable
Accuracy : ±10% of F.S
Hysteresis : <±1%RH
Response time   <120s (25°C,in slow air)
  Sampling Time   1s
Drift : <±1%RH/year
LCD : Optional
Power : 24V AC / DC
Output Load : 500Ω (current), >2KΩ (voltage)
Temperature Limit : -10~50°C
Storage Temperature : -30~60°C
Housing : Fireproof ABS Enclosure
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