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CL5: Free Chlorine Sensors
Parameter : CL
Range : 0 to 20 ppm
Display : Nil
Accuracy : ± 0.5% / 1.0% of F.S
Power Supply : 24V AC
Max Pressures : Upto 7 Bar

Special Features :

Amperometric Sensor Technology
Real Time Continuous Measurement
Ranges: 0-2, 0-5 or 0-10ppm
Built-In Temperature Compensation
Large Electrolyte Reservoir
Replaceable Membrane and Electrolyte

Applications :

The CL series (free chlorine sensors) feature amperometric measurement technology. Designed for disinfection applications in water treatment,for,pools,etc.,these sensors are available in three ranges for detecting ppm level of free chlorine. Choose the CL502 for 0-2ppm, CL505 for 0-5ppm and CL510 for 0-10ppm of free chlorine

Typical applications include:
Industrial wastewater
Cooling water
Bottle rinsing
Irrigation water in agriculture

Sensors output a 4-20mA signal scaled to 0-2 or 0-10ppm. Membrane cap
and fill solution are easily replaceable to maximize sensor life.

Sensors can be used in new installations with Omicron's flow cell or installed
as replacement for other 4-20mA output free chlorine sensors.
(Consult Omicron for compatibility).

An optional flow meter (FM001) is available to help provide consistent flow
for added system stability.

Specifications :

Measuring Range : 0-2, 0-5 or 0-10 ppm free chlorine
pH Range : 5.5 - 8.5
Body Material : PVC
Membrane Cap Material : PVC housing, Proprietary Membrane
Temperature Range : 0 - 45 Degrees C
Maximum Pressure : 14.7 psig (1 Bar)
Temp Comp : Integrated
Cable Length : 10 feet 2 conductors, tinned leads
Process Connection : flow cell 1/4 inch FNPT threads
Output : 4-20mA
Flow Range : Min 0.2 gpm (45 l/hr), Max 0.6 gpm (135 l/hr)
Supply Voltage : 12-24V DC , 250mA minimum
Cross Sensitivity : Chlorine dioxide, Ozone, bromine, iodine
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